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    Peg,did I understand PM on the P-line....dropping a hint the mossad might take O out?That is why rahm is turning away.

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    Hi Peg, I was going to call you this weekend but I thought better of it.
    I am sooo glad Danielle is doing ok. Father knows what a special person she is.
    How you holding up? I hope you are feeling better.
    Talk to you soon.
    Much love, Teresa
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    Hey Peg,
    I am sooooooo pissed off! Here I was bragging up my husband saying how well he's been doing with his drinking and tonight he got a DUI and rolled his pretty truck.:( I am going to leave him in jail tonight because I can't see to drive and it's been snowing all day. I can't go outside and clean off my surburban and drive down to the vallry and then put up with his drunk butt!. I am a little worried about him being hurt. He says he's not though. He is a heart patient and has sleep apnea and I am worried about that. I guess I will know more after I can talk to the deputy. I was just saying to y daughter that I would laugh if he got a DUI. Guess what? I'm not laughing...I'll talk to you later.
    Please Father watch over my dumb bell tonight.
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    Hi Peg,
    Been thinking about you. How was court? I've been going to call. I just have been really busy. Too!
    Been trying to get my 2007 taxes done. Sheesh! My poor little pea brain. I spend almost as much time trying to find papers as I do filling them out!
    I will try to call some time in the next week. I feel like we're getting that knock on the door.
    Later.God Bless Us All,